We use water-jet-cutting for processing metals, heat-sensitive materials and special materials, which are not suited to laser cutting. This process divides materials by means of a high pressure water jet at a pressure of approx. 3,000 bars and in this way works free from dust/gas, with low distortion and completely without a thermal load.

Using the latest swivel head technology with automatic angle error correction and automatic angle generation, we can quickly and precisely produce contours and multi-dimensional shapes for workpieces up to approx. 100 mm. The technology of abrasive water-jet-cutting is used in particular for applications in lightweight construction (water-jet-cutting of fibre-reinforced plastics; water-jet-cutting of composite materials such as plastic-coated sheet metal).


Advantages for you

  • No heat input into the material to cut > the cutting of heat-sensitive and brittle materials (e. g. fiber reinforced plastics, stone, titanium) and special materials is possible
  • Possibility to cut thick-walled metals
  • Dust-/gas-free cuts and edges
  • Realisation of sophisticated contours and multi-dimensional shapes
  • Right-angled cutting edges due to angle error correction

Production capacities

Starting components Metal thickness Maximum dimensions
Metal workpieces, nonferrous heavy metal, stone, titanium, fiber reinforced plastics, special materials bis 100 mm 3,000 mm x 1,500 mm

We are here for you

Are your work pieces to be cut very thick or sensitive to heat? Would you like to know more about possibilities of water-jet-cutting? We will be happy to assist you.

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