Thanks to the 3D laser cutting process we can realise the most extensive cutting works very quickly for you. We will complete your contract swiftly and efficiently.

We can connect your work pieces by 3D laser welding, with very fine welding seams and without adding materials. In comparison to the usual welding processes, welding seams with laser welding are especially neat and welding distortion is considerably reduced. Parallel to the main processing time and with high processing speeds of approx. two metres per minute, different joint geometries can be realised economically in the shortest possible time. We can also realise gas-tight connections for you, for example for heat exchangers.



Advantages for You

  • Save time and economically realise extensive 3D cutting and welding work from prototype construction up to series production
  • Precise cutting and exact welding seams, even with points which are difficult to access
  • Processing which is sparing on material
  • Significant reduction of subsequent processing works
  • New constructions through different joint geometries





Production Capacities

Starting components 3D laser cutting 3D laser welding
Moulded parts, deep drawn parts, pressed parts, standard profiles, pipes Metal thicknesses:
up to 15 mm (steel)
up to 8 mm (high-grade steel)
up to 5 mm (aluminium)

Maximum dimensions:
4,000 mm x 1,500 mm x 750 mm
Laser penetration depth:
up to 6 mm (steel, high-grade steel)

Maximum dimensions:
4,000 mm x 1,500 mm x 750 mm

Experience technology


Deployable rapidly, precisely and flexibly–watch our video on metalworking here using 3D laser cutting and experience the TRULASER CELL 7040 in action.




We are here for you

If you have a production requirement or a highly-sophisticated welding requirement – we will work out a solution with you and realise it for you.

Your contact partner:

Mr Mario Herzog
T: (+49) 35951 367-228
F: (+49) 35951 367-324