Colouration plant

Our special know-how is the powder coating of metal.

This process for surface coating applies powder coating to an electrically conductive material and offers a highly protective function against external damages and effects from weathering. Many decorative designs (colours, structures, level of gloss) are possible. In comparison to industrial wet painting, powder coating is very environmentally friendly as no solvents must be used.

Our customers appreciate our flexibility, the numerous applications and our full turnkey service. We also take on the surface preparation (grinding, blasting, phosphating).

Currently we are expanding and modernizing the colouration plant (new building of a hall; new plant engineering with automatic wet chemical pretreatment, sandplast technique, automatic and manual coating booths and innovative wastewater treatment technology).


Advantages for you

  • Decorative surfaces
  • Large colour spectrum
  • Protecting the work pieces against external damages and from the effects of weathering
  • Complete service including surface preparation

Production capacities

Small-parts coating plant Large-parts coating plant

Maximum dimensions:
3,000 mm x 800 mm x 1,500 mm

Maximum weight:
up to 100 kg (suspended)

Maximum dimensions:
7,000 mm x 2,800 mm x 2,500 mm

Maximum weight:
up to 1 tonne


We are here for you

If you would like decorative surface finishes for your metal components or machines cladding with a complete turnkey service – just ask for our help!

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