We have 8 CNC edge presses available for ready to install welded assemblies and bent or stamped flashings which fit exactly, with a pressing force of up to 400 tonnes.

Whether individually produced or series flashings, complicated shapes, tight radii or small side lengths– our TRUMPF bending machines will process your sheet metal in different thicknesses and with edge lengths up to 4,000 mm reliably, economically and in qualitatively high value. Using the “Manipulator” lifting, lathing and swivelling of heavy parts up to 200 kg is possible.

For realising special design wishes and for manufacturing housings, coverings and machine cladding made of metal, we can additionally offer swivel bending and rounding. Your flashings can be manufactured free from any imprint marks and even more flexibly using this process. Tube manufacturing as well as the realization of particulary large radii and funnel shapes are also possible through rounding.



Advantages for You

  • Qualitatively high-value production of individual flashings or series flashing production
  • Realising complicated forms, tight radii or small are side lengths are possible
  • Realisation of special design requests, large radii and funnel shapes is possible through swivel bending and rounding

Production Capacities

Starting components Edging Swivel bending Rounding
Thin sheet metal Metal thicknesses:
0,5 mm to 12 mm
(steel, high-grade steel, aluminium)

Maximum Edge length:
4,000 mm
Metal thicknesses:
up to 3 mm
(steel, high-grade steel, aluminium)

Maximum Edge length:
4,000 mm

Metal thicknesses:
up to 4 mm (steel)
up to 4,5 mm (aluminium)
up to 3 mm (high-grade-steel)

with a Maximum Edge length:
1,540 mm

We are here for you

Would you like special dimensions of edge flashing parts or do you have a special design request? Just ask us! We will realise your individual ideas together with you.

Your contact partner:

Mr Mario Herzog
T: (+49) 35951 367-228
F: (+49) 35951 367-324