Fabrication technology for the highest demands

Whether individual parts or series production, laser cutting, laser welding, edging or laser tube processing– our qualified specialist workers will fulfil your demands for quality, using the most up-to-date technology (TRUMPF machine tools) and with suitable production process in each case.

Alongside metal profiles made of steel, high-grade steel and aluminium, with the help of our water-jet-cutter we can also work on materials such as plastics, composite materials, stone and ceramics as well as glass materials in our contract production cycle.

Since December 2019, we have been operating one of the most modern powder‑coating facilities in Germany.


Basic Potential

  • 4 laser installations, 2 stamping-laser combination machines
  • 3 water-jet-cutting devices, amongst other things with swivel head technology
  • 3D laser cutting and welding centre
  • Pipe laser centre, flow-drill technology
  • 8 CNC edge pressing, swivel bending machine, rounding machine
  • Manipulator (lifting technology for large and heavy components up to 200 kg)
  • Deburring machine, edger
  • Welding workshop (also spot welding, robot welding)
  • Mechanical joining by bonding
  • Colouration plant - state of the art plant technology, blasting cabin, two coating stations (manual powder booth, automatic system)
  • High rise storage system with over 800 material qualities and formats
  • Our own assembly and Quality Assurance
  • Our own fleet of vehicles

Production capacities

  • 2D laser cutting, laser stamping processing
  • Water-jet-cutting
  • 3D laser cutting, 3D laser welding
  • Laser pipe processing
  • Processing profiles
  • CNC edge pressing, swivel bending, rounding
  • Manual production processes
  • Welding, spot welding, robot-controlled welding
  • Bonding
  • Powder coating
  • Assembly installation