EFRE - funded projects

In the context of the European Regional Development Fund and through the support from the Land of Saxony the following projects are currently being implemented:


Digitalization of
business processes

During the course of digitalization the implementation of a document management system is required.

With the help of the document management system, we create the basis for legally compliant electronic archiving and the optimization of the workflow.



New building of the colouration plant

The Käppler & Pausch GmbH plans to build a new colouration plant at the headquarters in Neukirch that meets today's most demanding requirements.

All service and support activities relating to the range of metalworking can be offered in one location. The areas involved before and after production can be integrated more efficiently than previously in the whole process. New, ultra-modern coating plants ensure that high quality standards of customers are met and reduce production times. The working conditions for the employees are significantly improved. The production is gentle, energy-saving and environmentally friendly.



This measure is co-financed by tax funds on the basis of the adopted budget of the deputies of the Saxon Landtag.