• Over 25 years of experience in metalworking (founded in 1993)
  • Specialised in the manufacture of welded assemblies
  • Rewarding finished and service provider for cnc metal working
  • About 160 highly qualified employees
  • To modern machine park 17,000 sqm in size, ultra-modern CNC technology
  • Great flexibility and availability of materials (over 800 material grades and formats)
  • Quality "Made in Germany" (certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001)





Machine park

2D laser cutting, laser stamping processing

4 laser installations 1000 W up to 5,0 kW (TRUMPF)
2 stamping-laser combination machines (TRUMPF)


3 water-jet-cutting devices (1 x TRUMPF, 2 x Omax with swivel head technology)

3D laser cutting, 3D laser welding

3D laser cutting and welding centre (TRUMPF)

Laser pipe processing/
processing of profiles

Pipe laser centre (TRUMPF)
Flow-drill technology

CNC edge pressing, swivel bending, rounding

8 CNC edge pressing (TRUMPF)
Swivel bending machine
Rounding machine
Manipulator (lifting technology for large and heavy components up to 200 kg)

Manual production processes

Deburring, edger

Welding/Mechanical joining by bonding

Welding procedures MAG-, WIG-, MIG- and CMT conventional and automated
Spot welding
Robot-controlled CMT- and WIG welding technology
Mechanical joining by bonding

Powder coating

State of the art plant technology, e. g. blasting cabin with environmentally friendly particle preparation, wash cabin with automatic spray ring, two coating stations (manual powder booth, automatic system)

Own Quality Assurance (certified accoring to DIN EN ISO 9001, EN 1090-2 and EN 1090-2_WPK) and assembly