• Over 25 years of experience in metalworking(founded in 1993)
  • Specialised in the manufacture of welded assemblies
  • Rewarding finished and service provider for cnc metal working
  • About 185 highly qualified employees
  • To modern machine park 14,000 m2 in size (from autumn 2019: 17,000 m2 in size), ultra-modern CNC technology
  • Great flexibility and availability of materials (over 800 material grades and formats)
  • Quality "Made in Germany" (certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001)





Machine park

2D laser cutting, laser stamping processing

4 laser installations 1000 W up to 5,0 kW (TRUMPF)
2 stamping-laser combination machines (TRUMPF)

3D laser cutting, 3D laser welding

3D laser cutting and welding centre (TRUMPF)

CNC edge pressing, swivel bending, rounding

8 CNC edge pressing (TRUMPF)
Swivel bending machine, rounding machine
Manipulator (lifting technology for large and heavy components up to 200 kg)


3 water-jet-cutting devices (1 x TRUMPF, 2 x Omax with swivel head technology)

Laser pipe processing

Pipe laser centre (TRUMPF)


Welding procedures MAG-, WIG-, MIG- and CMT conventional and automated
Robot-controlled CMT- and WIG welding technology

Manual production processes



Small-parts coating plant for components of up to 100 kg (suspended)
Large-parts coating plant for components of up to 1 tonne
Paint mixing plant

Own Quality Assurance (certified accoring to DIN EN ISO 9001, DIN EN 15085-2, DIN EN 1090-2 and EN 1090-2_WPK) and assembly