Parts fabrication for
welded assemblies

In the scope of pre-production, assembly elements are produced precisely and with state-of-the-art CNC production and prepared for assembly.

If laser cutting, water-jet-cutting, laser cutting of pipes, laser welding, bending or the combination of different work steps - we will realise your individual requirements for the most widely varied sectors of industry and applications, customer-oriented and highly modern using TRUMPF machine tools.

In our handcraft department we process your production parts by pressing, drilling, tapping, deburring etc. according to order-specific requirements.

A permanent, automized quality control guarantees that your and our high quality standards are met.


Basic potential

  • 4 laser installations, 2 stamping-laser combination machines
  • 3D laser cutting and welding centre
  • 8 CNC edge pressing, swivel bending machine, rounding machine
  • Manipulator (lifting technology for large and heavy components up to 200 kg)
  • 3 water-jet-cutting devices, amongst other things with swivel head technology
  • Pipe laser centre

We are here for you

Would you like more information on fabricating assemblies or a binding proposal for you welded assemblies? We will realise your projects in their entirety and economically!

Your contact partner:

Mr Mario Herzog
T: (+49) 35951 367-228
F: (+49) 35951 367-324