Mechanical joining by bonding

As an innovative joining technique bonding is gaining steadily importance. It´s currently the only process, which can bond almost all materials completely impervious to gas and liquids – metal to plastic just like aluminium with steel. Mixed compounds can also be joined hybrid in combination with other bonding methods. Bonding is particularly suitable for the joining of very thin-walled and large components. We use the process for machine claddings or housings.

In contrast to the thermal joining processes (welding, soldering, ...) there is no heat transfer to the component during the bonding. Material weaknesses that may arise from mechanical bonding (bolting, riveting, ...) are avoided. Depending on the type, bonding systems are also suitable for powder coatings.

Decisive factors for a perfect adhesion are, in addition to a thorough surface preparation and surface pretreatment, the constructive design of the assembly as well as the selection of the appropriate adhesive. In close collaboration with scientific institutions we have carried out bonding tests and have optimized systems. Thus we can also characterize your joining connection for their suitability.

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Advantages for you

  • Smooth surfaces
  • Mechanical joining of different kinds of materials
  • Particularly suitable for very thin-walled and large components
  • Suitable for powder coating and the resulting high burning temperatures
  • Uniform stress distribution in the adhesive gap
  • No heat-related distortion of the joined parts
  • No weakening of the geometry of the joined parts through drill holes and edges > weight saving > key role in the lightweight construction
  • Additional use (sealing, corrosion protection, insulation, oscillation)

Production capacities

Bonding is multi-material capable.
Materials used primarily include steel sheets, stainless steels, aluminium and various polymer materials such as acrylic glass and others.


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