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Käppler & Pausch GmbH

We have been specialists in metal-working for more than twenty years. You can profit from our competency in manufacturing complex structural components or filigree structural elements and allow yourself to be receive optimum advice from us – we can find solutions for your every need and accompany the entire project process as you wish.

Whether laser cutting, bending, working on pipes which fit exactly, right up to construction of structurally demanding, design-oriented welded structural components and their surface coatings – ultra-modern machines and effective technologies as well as our competent team will fulfil every one of your projects successfully. Allow yourselves to be convinced by us!


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You can look behind the scenes here. In order that you can experience our fabrication close up, it is worth not just having a look, but also listening in.


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We develop and fabricate housings for digital signage products as welded assemblies in numerous varieties for one of the leading German manufacturers, the company eKiosk GmbH. Terminal solutions for use indoors and out, distinguish themselves through their high stability, resistance to external influences as well as a high level of design input. 

Further Examples